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Prototyping Model for Design or Development

Oct 16

What is Prototyping? Why should Every Designer Use it?

Before you start working on any project, you need to understand it completely. Being a good web developer or designer, you must follow some standards of your industry. Prototyping is one of these basic standards. A prototype is a type of a dummy version of a product that gives you an idea of the workflow so that you can play around with your ideas to show your creativity. Prototyping is important for every designer & developer in order to provide the best web designing and developing services.

Basically, it lets a designer or developer to create a form so that other people, who are also involved in the project, can share their feedback and make the required changes before the final product gets launched. It is always a safe approach testing your project at every stage of designing and development from the starting point. Every time you use the prototyping approach in your work, it allows you to work in a safe mode. Hence, you should follow the below-mentioned prototyping tips while working on your projects –

  • 1. Easy to understand
    When your client hires you, you must keep a point in your mind that he doesn’t know much about the coding part of the project. Therefore, if you use the prototyping method, it’ll be easier for your client to understand how the website will look like after it will be finished by you. Also, it gives you an idea how flawless the user-experience will be after the launch of the website or the application.

  • 2. Easy design and development
    When you follow prototyping, it gives you a chance to do your work with less effort. Actually, it makes you understand how the designed website or the application will work at the end. So, when you completely understand the workflow and functionality, it becomes easy to work on coding part too.

  • 3. Easy to test functionality
    When a lot of people are working on the same project using prototyping model, it becomes easy to diagnose the flaw of the project before its launch. You can test the functionality with a real user experience that will let you know all the shortcomings. This testing service will make your project work as per the requirement without any fault.

  • 4. Save time and money
    If you use prototyping while working on a project, the amount in terms of money & time gets lower. As we know that various people work on a project so prototyping allows all of them easily communicate with each other regarding the workflow of the project. In return to this, less time will be spent which will make the cost down too.

Steps of a prototype model

Conclusion – The need of prototyping becomes more when a lot of people are involved in the project design and development. Therefore, you should not overlook or avoid this approach if you want to see the exact user experience which it should give once your website or application gets launched.

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