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Typography Mistakes to be avoided

Oct 16

Why and How ‘Typography’ Mistakes should be Avoided by Every Designer

We all have heard the term ‘Typography’. It is not just the way of arranging fonts in a stylish and different manner but more than this. Every web designer should know the basic rules and regulations that need to be kept in mind while working on any designing task. Your whole project depends on it in terms of look and feel, readability, social visibility etc. If you are providing Web Designing Services to your clients, you should avoid some basic Typography mistakes which can either make or break your reputation and brand name. Have a look at this checklist before you get done with any designing project –

  1. Size of Font
    Typography includes so many typefaces which are not created equally every time. These fonts of typeface have the precise weight, styles, width, height, slant, and decoration. It depends on designer how he uses all these things while designing. All these points related to every font if used properly, can make them look good and catch user attraction. But overusing can make them ugly too.

  2. Leading
    In typography, Leading is the term used to describe the vertical space between each line. These lines should not be too tight or too loose. As shown in the image, if your content is not up to the right leading value, it causes hard-to-read text problem for the user. In general, you should set leading value more than the font size.

    Leading - Typography Mistake
  3. Tracking
    When you are working on leading then you should also keep a closer look to the tracking of your content. Tracking is the space between characters of your text. Similar to leading, an image has been shown below to explain how tracking can lead to a non-readable problem. It depends on web designers how well they work on both, leading and tracking.

    Tracking - Typography Mistake
  4. Hierarchy
    If you want to highlight something, you should set it differently as compared to others so that it can grab user’s attention firstly. Here comes one of the main mistakes that some designers do. They give same header tags to all the content. Your content should be organized in a way that main headings should have bigger size in comparison to subheadings. Moving further, sub-headings should be of the larger size as compared to rest of the body text.

    Hierarchy - Typography Mistake
  5. Scaling and Readability
    Another major mistake is enlarging or compressing of letters. Sometimes to fill the free space, designers play with scaling of the fonts in a wrong way. It just distorts the letters. Hence, don’t do this. If the user is able to read the text comfortably, only then we can say that designer has done a good job keeping readability in mind.

    Scaling - Typography Mistake

Besides all these points, there are some other points too which every designer should follow while working. Keep following us on social media for such regular updates!
(Images courtesy – Design School)

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