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How to Make Your Mobile Users Happy

Nov 16

How to Make Your Mobile Users Happy

Everyone is well aware of the increase in the number of mobile phones and its users over the last two decades. These days’ people make use their phones more as compared to their desktops or laptops. The impact of mobile users can be easily seen in every business. Most of the sales happen online via mobile phones now. Hence keeping your mobile users happy is necessary. If you’re also having a business for which you want more web traffic and sales, you should also pay attention to your mobile audience. Being the Mobile App Development Expert, we have listed some effective ways to make your mobile users happy. You can adopt these tips to improve the user experience for better results.

  1. UX/UI of Website
    If you really want your mobile users to be happy while they visit your website, you must pay attention to both, the Mobile User Experience and User Interface of your website. It should be very clear in your mind what could be the eye-catching point for a mobile user when they access your website. You should follow the progressive disclosure fundamental for this.

  2. Use Visible Call to Action
    When someone visits your website via mobile phone, they would have a different experience of visiting it. It would also have a direct impinge on your website’s CTAs (Call to Actions). To overcome the negative effects, you should highlight your call to actions properly for your mobile audience. Every CTA should be easily clickable. People don’t scroll too much on a webpage so the place of CTA should be well-selected.

    Mobile Users Overcoming Desktop Users
  3. Simple and Direct Navigation
    Your website should go well with responsive web design. While your visitors are the mobile visitors, there should be a complication free navigation for them. Unproblematic and classic menus are the perfect solution for this type of problem. The navigation flow should be very smooth and easy to understand. Avoid using multi-level menus for the mobile visitors.

  4. Less Load Time
    Often websites get slower when the accessing user is one of the mobile users. This makes users leave your website after few seconds. Use of smaller sized images is helpful here. This would not only make your website work faster but also make a proper balance between the loading time of content and the images.

Every user is equally important for any type of business. Therefore, don’t let your mobile users face any problem while surfing your website.

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