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Tips to acquire High-Quality Backlinks for Website

Nov 16

Tips to Acquire High-Quality Backlinks for Website

The regular updates of Google related to Search Algorithm have made one thing very clear that any website with low-quality backlinks would never come in good ranking. SEO Experts always understand the importance of backlinks and the way Google treats them while positioning any website on a search engine results page. A website must have high-quality backlinks if it really wants to get a higher ranking. Contriverz is the Digital Marketing Expert Company. Hence, we are writing some important tips of acquiring high-quality backlinks for any website which will definitely improve your website ranking and traffic.

  1. Review Current Backlink Profile Status
    With the release of Penguin and Panda search algorithm, many SEO practitioners have faced a big time challenge of improving their website’s backlink profile. Previously to these updates, it was so easy to generate backlinks for any website, no matter whether they were of good or bad quality. Therefore, it is the initial step to have a complete analysis of your backlink profile. You can use various free tools like Moz, Small SEO Tools, Majestic and more for this.

  2. List Out Your Top Posts and Keywords
    When you want to get a high-quality backlink from any website, you must give them a solid reason in terms of content for this. This is the time when you need to make an extensive list of your top posts and keywords. Try to include those keywords which are directly related to your website and are getting the highest traffic. Once you are done with this content listing task, it is the right time to focus on other major points of backlink development efforts.

    Link Building Strategy
  3. Lengthy Content
    Google gives preference to those websites which include long and informative content. If you have already generated content, you should figure out that content of your website which can be easily expanded. And if you’re creating content for any new website, try to make it of at least 500+ words. Don’t forget to include relevant images with your content anytime. One study has clearly mentioned that pages having at least one or two images, designed by web design experts, rank well in comparison to those which don’t include any image.

  4. Figure Out High PR Websites for Guest Posts
    If you want a better backlink profile for your website then you must concentrate on natural backlinks too. When you write high-quality content for any website and it gets published on that website, make sure that the webmaster of that particular website should follow the same process for you in return. Hence, you should be very clear about the list of websites from which you want to have valuable natural backlinks.

Once you start doing experiments with these tips, you would for sure get a better result then. You just need to be a little patient for this as search engine takes some time to give approval to your content and other SEO activities.

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