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SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips

Oct 16

Tips for Writing SEO-Friendly Content to Lift up Your Business Traffic

‘Content is the king’ in the world of SEO. We can’t deny this. Even Google clearly announced in 2011 that the content took a major portion of their ranking algorithm. Later on, with all the important updates on a regular basis made this point clearer. Hence, the need of SEO-Friendly content plays a vital role in any business growth now. Being the Search Engine Optimization expert, we would like our visitors to give some recommendations for writing SEO-Friendly content. Read the below-written tips for a better understanding –

  1. How to Choose a Good Industry Related Topic
    In former days, people usually did keyword stuffing in their content. But when Google took a step forward to them and unveiled the new updates in the ranking algorithm, all such keyword stuffed websites got penalized. Instead of repeating this, SEO experts now need to think beyond keyword stuffing. Google want their visitors to get high-quality content in terms of knowledge. So, analysis of the industry and competitor’s websites is important before you start writing content for your own website. When you are generating new content, you should think about any specific topic for providing unique and useful information. Give your topic as much catchy title as you can so that users can’t stop them clicking on your content.

  2. Uniqueness of the content
    We all gather information and ideas before we proceed for anything in our life. Similar is the case here. You must have read something good related to your business and now you want to use that information for your website. For this, you need to give it a fresh look and feel. This is the time to show your creativity. All it depends on you how your way of presenting the same information becomes new and unique keeping SEO points in your mind. For example, if you are a software and web development related person, you must keep yourself updated with regular changes. Only then you will be able to stand out with your viewpoint for the same.

    Impacts of SEO-Friendly Content
  3. Use of Keywords
    No doubt, Google made it very clear that Meta keywords tag would no longer be the considering point for any ranking algorithm. But keywords are not fully dead. You should target those keywords in your content that could help it to get listed in SERPs. When the user is searching for any specific keyword, your unique content should be in the search results. Once again, we are repeating our points here that don’t follow the keyword stuffing rule for your content.

  4. Images, Videos or Infographics
    It’s a general human tendency that our eyes get more attracted towards images and videos as compared to written text. Don’t forget to use eye-catching images, videos or infographics in your content. Also, make sure that your point is short and precise for the visitors. The images or videos which you are going to use should be self-explanatory enough. Try to use such relevant images after every point along with your content. Don’t hesitate to hire a web design expert to create the attention-grabbing images for you!

Long story short – Your content is one of the major factors that could make or break your brand reputation. Don’t let anything play with it!

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