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Local SEO Tips for Your Business

Nov 16

Tips to Target Multiple Locations for Your Business with SEO

SEO can be the boon or bane for your business. If done properly by following all Google’s Guidelines, it would definitely boost your business website traffic in a great way. There is only one thing you need to consider for the optimal results and that is following the Google’s SEO Guidelines. Especially if you are running a local business in multiple locations, you need to concentrate on Local SEO then. Being the Search Engine Optimization Expert, we would like to mention the importance of Local SEO for your business.

If your business has multiple locations, then optimizing your business website for all those locations is necessary. Read the following written tips which would be so helpful for you while doing Local SEO of your business website –

  1. First of all, you must be aware of the locations where you are targeting your business. You need to have location based unique URLs for this. Don’t forget to add these specific location based URLs to your website’s sitemap.

  2. Once you are done with URL creation, it is the time to move on to second thing which is SEO friendly Meta Tags. Basically, Meta tags include four major points – Meta Title, Meta Description, Header Tags and Content of the landing page. These four need to be properly optimized as per the local SEO guidelines.

    Local Social Media Presence
  3. No doubt, Google has taken back all the powers of keywords tag now. Still, the Meta Title and Description tags along with the content of the whole website should include the location-based targeted keyword phrases. For local SEO, you should target the name of the particular location for which you are trying to get results.

  4. When you are optimizing any landing page of the website for more local results, don’t forget to include the name of the location especially in the Title, Description, and Content. You can also add location-based keywords in the content of the page. If you have a local business number, show it on the Home Page of the website to make it trustworthy.

  5. Social Media presence is an add-on for getting better results. Whether you are targeting your audience on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn or any other social channel, you need to be very specific about the services or products. Your page likes, followers, shares, tweets etc. should target the particular location. More is the engagement you are getting on your social channels, better would be the results of SERPs.

  6. If you are having more than one location for your business, you should create unique Facebook Pages based on all your business locations. Similar is the case with Google Plus. This will help you getting the attention of local people more.

Once you start following all of the above mentioned local SEO tips, you would notice a great hike in website traffic which could be hopefully converted into the sale. One main thing which you should keep in your mind is that local SEO is a way far different from the average SEO.

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