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Website Pre-Launch Checklist

Nov 16

Quick Pre-Launch Checklist for New Website

We see thousands of websites getting launched every day. These can be the eCommerce web portals, any business website, or some other type of websites. Whether it is a product or service based website, it should be launched once you are sure that it is working absolutely flawless. Being the Web Design and Development Expert Company, we are explaining some quick pre-launch tips which one should keep in mind before making any website live. These tips would give your visitors a smooth experience when they visit you. Also, it would add credibility and authority to your website. Let’s get started here –

  1. First of all, your website’s home page should be very creative and eye-catchy. It should not lead to even a single possibility of people leaving from here easily. Once your audience visits you, they should get each and everything in place.

  2. A good and trustworthy website can’t be launched without some important pages like About us, Work, Contact us, Client’s Testimonials, Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy. This let your visitors get more information about you.

  3. When you are about to launch a website that is service or product based, then it is also necessary to mention a valid contact email address and phone number/mobile number. Don’t forget to mention the physical address of your office, if it exists.

    Contact Details on HomePage
  4. Site security is another main point while launching a new website. The world of IT has very strong hackers these days who don’t take much time to hack any website along with its database. So, it is the prime responsibility of expert web developers to put an extra security on the potential source code of your website.

  5. JavaScript is important to any type of website as it adds various client-side functionalities. Without its use, a new website could look incomplete or broken to the visitors. To fix any issue related to this just turns off your browser’s JavaScript and thoroughly browse the website to check any problem.

  6. You can’t blind trust your web host for keeping a backup of your website and its database every time. So, you should have a proper plan of getting weekly / monthly backup saved on a different location instead of your host.

  7. A new website should have a proper CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Integration. This would make things go smoother and automatic. Mailchimp, Hub Spot, or any other software should be integrated for better performance.

    Responsive Web Design
  8. As the number of mobile users is increasing these days so not checking your website on various devices or for different screen sizes could lead towards failure. Your website should have a responsive web design which could be adjusted to any screen size.

  9. Secure Socket Layer Certification is mandatory now for every website’s good performance. If your website allows the users making any type of payments or entering any other user related information, then you must use SSL protection. It makes your website more trustworthy.

  10. Last but not the least; testing is one of the most important steps before launching a new website. Your testing team should start thinking out of the box. They need to do website’s testing by keeping every user aspect in their mind.

These tips are a quick go-to list you need to check at least once, before launching any website. It would not only make the website launch going smooth but would also give you the best output after the launch.

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