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Drupal Web Development Mistakes to Avoid

Nov 16

Major Drupal Web Development Mistakes Developers Do

In the field of Web Development, it has been seen that Drupal gets more thumbs up in comparison to WordPress and Joomla Content Management System. As we all know that WordPress is a better choice for the beginners of web development world. It is a perfect suit for small or middle-sized websites and blogs. Website security is the main issue with WordPress Development. Similarly, if we talk about Joomla, its pros and cons come all along its way. On the other hand, Drupal is considered to be the best selection among the expert web developers while working on web design and development of any website. Still, there are some major web development mistakes which even expert Drupal Web Developers do. Read these mistakes carefully so that you don’t face its impact on your projects.

  1. Bad Architecture of Content
    Every CMS revolves around its content. You can’t proceed your work well if you have a poor content architecture in Drupal. Being the Drupal web developer if you make this mistake, it would lead to misconfiguration/missing content types. Hence you need to understand the basic content requirements before starting any development process.

  2. Erroneous Installation and Folder Structure
    This is also one of the major mistakes usually made by inexperienced web developers. The upgrading process to any latest version becomes easy when you follow an error-free installation and put all themes and modules in a correct folder structure. It also makes debugging easy.

  3. Wordpress-vs-Drupal-vs-Joomla

  4. Working without VCS
    Version Control System (VCS) plays an important role while developing any website in Drupal. It helps to maintain the complete history of each and every development phase. If you have made any modification at any stage, VCS keeps its track also. Thinking about having an occasional backup via file copy is another mistake that some new and expert web developers do.

  5. Spam Control
    Even a good website can be attacked by spam if not secured properly. So, spam control is necessary for any website. When a fresher starts working on the development of any Drupal based website, they usually leave it open for everyone. In return to this mistake, the website gets spammy comments or content automatically. Therefore, regular website checkup is necessary to avoid such mistakes.

  6. Slow Website Performance
    Many times we have seen that developers have a lot of workload on them that result forgetting small things. Whether you are working on a new website or any already running website, there could be some unused modules present in the project. Hence, to avoid one of the major mistakes, it is recommended to uninstall such modules time to time so that they don’t make your website running slow.

Being the Web Development Expert, we agree with the fact that this list is not an extensive one. However, these points can definitely make you alert while working on any Drupal Web Development Project.

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