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Sep 16

Learn Why You Should Go For Responsive Web Design Services

Many times we hear people mixing two different terms – Responsive design and Mobile templates. But we don’t want our readers going with such a crowd who don’t know these two terms separately. So, here we are writing about Responsive Web Designing. First of all, we need to understand that for responsive designing; firstly you should have a website. Now, this website will be coded in such a way that it could adapt any screen size, doesn’t matter what type of device you are using to check it.

On the other side for the mobile template, you should have a separate mobile-only website or subdomain. For this, different templates are built for any specific site, no matter what the screen size would be. For example, if we open Twitter on a desktop, it goes to while accessing it on a mobile device will redirect you to Therefore read the below-written points carefully before you get confused between these two and getting start with your website designing.

    1. Growing Mobile Usage
      We all access internet on our mobile devices in our day to day life, so there is no need to explain why so many businesses are opting responsive web design services. The below statistical research by Smart Insights is clearly stating why ignoring the responsive web design will ultimately make our business traffic go down.

      Stats - Mobile Users v/s Desktop Users Globally

      The report of 2016 US Cross-Platform Future in Focus has made it very clear that all the mobile devices now have overcome the desktop usage by 65% growth rate. Lots of mobile apps are dominating now which has resulted in 12% decrease in desktop usage since 2013.

Digital Media Share

  1. Positive User Experience
    Google’s Think Insights for mobile devices state it undoubtedly that if a user is coming to your website and is not getting the relevant or the required information he is looking for, then there is 61% chance of losing that visitor. It will not only increase the bounce rate but also lead to the negative user experience. Also, if we provide a positive mobile device experience to our visitors, it increases our sale conversion rate by 67%.

  2. Mobile Visitors via Blogging and Social Activities
    A recent research has made it clear that the businesses having social media presence and the blogging element have more visitors on their websites as compared to others. And most of these visitors are the mobile visitors. ComScore’s study for this point shows that 55% of social media activities happen on mobile devices.

Traffic Stats via Social Media

Hence, the entrepreneurs need to understand that having a responsive website not only is a nice feature but also has become a necessity for businesses now. You will literally see its impact on the growth of your business once you have it.

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