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How to Choose Color for Your Website

Sep 16

How the Color Scheme of Your Website Increases Traffic

When we start working on web design services for any website, our main motive should be attracting more visitors to the website. In this case, color scheme plays an important role. Colors create an emotional connection between the user and the website. The user should enjoy spending maximum time on your website. Therefore, choosing the perfect color combination can lead to more visitor attraction towards your business website.

Since it is an important part of custom web design services, this blog is basically focused on how to select the best colors for your website. Also, some easy to use tools have been mentioned at the end of this informational blog. We hope you will enjoy reading and will get useful tips here.

How to choose colors
Many scientific researchers agree with the fact that colors directly communicate with our state of mind. When a user comes to your site and sees unpleasant colors, it will make him leave from there within few seconds. But if your color scheme leaves a pleasant effect on the user, he will enjoy spending time on your website. Hence while choosing the colors for your website; you should keep the following points in your mind –

  1. Use of Natural Colors
    If you use dark colors like dark green, red, blue, orange etc. for your website, it can cause eye fatigue and will make the user go away. So, try to make the website look attractive with natural colors. In most cases, dark colors are used for call to actions.

  2. Contrast between the background and text
    For this purpose, the best amalgamation is of black text with a white background. But you can also use some other colors for the background of your web page like gray. If you are an eCommerce website, you should use desaturated colors for your products.

    Example of Desaturated Colors
  3. Number of Colors to be used
    There is no hard and fast rule for the number of colors to be used for a website. Still, the chromatic color harmony should be followed by a good web designer. The use of 60-30-10 rule can be an ideal choice in this case. According to this rule, at maximum three colors with a varying degree of 60% (primary color), 30% (secondary color to complement the primary one) and 10% (the accent color complementing either your primary or secondary color) create a perfect harmony.

    60-30-10 Color Rule

5 helpful tools to use for selecting colors

  1. Adobe Colour CC

  2. Kuler

  3. Color Scheme Designer

  4. Daily Color Scheme

  5. Color Explorer

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