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Oct 16

Helpful eCommerce SEO Tips to Increase Your Business Revenue

Often we see many merchants just add lots of products on their eCommerce website and sit idle thinking that search engines will now start crawling them by its own. But this is not true. If you want your eCommerce website to get traffic, you need to optimize it properly. We, being the Search Engine Optimization Expert, will surely mention that optimizing eCommerce website for SEO wants more attention in comparison to any blogs or other business websites.

Hence, we need to learn easy and effective optimization steps for all eCommerce platforms. Read the below-written tips for this optimization and to bring positive results –

  1. Unique and Different Keywords
    As we all see, main categories of every eCommerce website come with subcategories and separate product landing pages. Therefore, we need to focus on the relevant category, subcategory and landing page based on keywords. Always target broader keywords for the main category so that it gets maximum visibility. Also, try to set specific keywords for the product pages so that it gets noticed when a user is searching for that particular product keyword.

    Category and Subcategory based optimization
  2. Image and Tag Optimization
    Google always give more visibility to the products that have optimized images and tags. Every customer wants to see the product properly before making a purchase. So always make sure that your product images are of good quality so that user can easily have a look. Don’t forget to add the descriptive alt and title tag for every product image. Search engine crawls your products with these tags.

  3. Gender Based Optimization
    Each and every product of your website needs to be properly categorized with gender specification. Mostly all the popular brands mention the gender type with their products. This not only gives better visibility to eCommerce websites but also makes their visitors easily get what they are looking for. If you use gender specification for your products in Meta tags, search engines will rank you higher for specific gender-based search terms.

    Gender Based Optimization
  4. Optimization of FAQ, Help or Guide Pages
    Every eCommerce business needs their customers to be fully satisfied so that they don’t lose them in terms of website traffic and sales. Sometimes your customers might have some doubt in their mind before they buy any product from you. Hence this uncertainty should be cleared without making them leave your website. For getting clarity, they will visit your FAQ or Customer Guide page. So, the information you are sharing with them should be fully optimized and easy to understand.

  5. Competitor Analysis
    When you are done with all the above-mentioned points, it’s the right time to start working behind the scenes. Now you need to work on competitor’s analysis and their results. You must keep one simple point in mind that there are also some other websites who are selling the same products. You need to rank above all those websites if you really want better conversion rates.

When you have fully optimized your eCommerce portal in a right way, you’ll start seeing the results. Just check your Google Analytics account on regular basis to get an idea what is working or what is not. Read more SEO related blogs here –

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