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Step by Step Guide for Developing a Mobile App

Nov 16

Step by Step Guide for Developing a Mobile App

What would be your answer if you are asked which came first – The Audience or Mobile App? Well, it is difficult to give any statement in response to this tough question. We all are well familiar with the later term of this question – ‘Mobile App’. We can easily see its great impact on our lives. Everybody wants to stay updated with the latest technology these days. With every recent update, this demand is growing gradually. Every time a technology update comes in the market, the need of its Mobile App Update also arises.

Whether the user is an entrepreneur, marketer, youth or anyone else, all use iPhone, Android or Hybrid Mobile Apps these days. Being the Mobile App Development Expert, we are writing a step by step guide here. This will make our readers know how the whole process of developing any mobile app actually works.

  1. Team Meeting
    Teamwork makes the Dream work. So, the very basic step is to decide your team which will do the design and development tasks. Your team members should be well updated with the latest changes of the industry. You should discuss the client requirements and other related information of the project with them in detail. After you’re done with this discussion, do ask some related question to make sure they have understood it well.

  2. Start Creating Wire-frame
    Instead of directly jumping to it, one should go with creating a basic wire-frame while working on any Mobile App Development project. Preparing a work flow and visual structure of the whole process is necessary. This will also make your team mates understand the project requirements well whether it is the web developer or designer or tester.

    Mobile Application Development
  3. Mobile App Designing
    Once you have the wire-frame approval from the client, you can start with its designing process. The expert web designer will create a mock-up for the mobile app at this stage. The main aim of creating this mock-up is to have a rough idea of how the final app will look like. Concentrating on the look and feel, colors, fonts and other styles are the prime areas here. You need to send this mock-up to your client so that both of you can be on the same page.

  4. Mobile App Development
    After getting the approval for the mock-up, the development phase for the same app can be easily started by your team. The functionality is the main point here on which each and everything depends now. The web developer should have a complete understanding of what he needs to deliver at the end. If you or any other team member is having any doubt, do have a direct call with the client to have clarification.

  5. Entering in Testing Phase
    Once you’re done with the design and development of mobile app, the last and main step is to test it. Here comes the role of a software and mobile application testing expert. The key responsibility of a tester is to do a proper functionality test. There could be some bugs or issues which can result in improper Mobile App functioning.

    Mobile App Development Cycle
  6. Launching Mobile App
    Now you are at the last step of completing this whole process which is launching the mobile app in the app store. When you submit any app to its corresponding app store, it then takes a few days to get it approved. If the app is as per the app store’s guidelines, it gets live easily.

Last but not the least, we can say that you need to work smart and actively if you really want to get a great response for your developed Mobile App. Once your app is in air, you need to be patient for getting the appropriate results. There might be the condition of making any changes in your app at any stage. So, you need to be ready and updated for this.

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