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Types of Navigation Menu

Nov 16

Famous Types of Navigation Solutions for Enhanced UI

One can’t even imagine a website without navigation. It is the first and basic point to be covered while working on website’s UI. We can’t keep all the internal links of any website open, just randomly floating around any space. Hence, the need and value of navigation can be easily understood by the expert web designers. The main aim of writing this blog is to make our readers aware of the different types of navigation menus. This will not only make any website look great but also give its users an ease to access the information they are looking for.

  1. Hamburger Navigation
    We all must have seen 3 lines placed over one another while surfing so many websites. This is nothing but the ‘Hamburger Menu’. It is a preferable choice by every web designer while designing the layout of any website. The main reasons for going with this selection are its subtle, trendy, dynamic and mobile-friendly design. You can use the full-screen window to showcase your pictures or videos or text with this navigation option.

  2. Hamburger Navigation Menu

  3. Full-Screen Multimedia Navigation
    These days full-screen images and videos are most commonly used by web designers. By using the multimedia options, they try to give a great look and feel to the website. If you want then you can use Hamburger menu along with this navigation type. It will make your internal links come under one roof and look well organized to the visitors.

  4. Slideout Menu
    Almost similar to Hamburger navigation, this is also in style navigation option. Most commonly used for Mobile UIs, this is another handy way to make the links of landing pages don’t occupy much space of the visitor’s screen. It just slides out from the left side of the website screen. Also, if you are about to start designing any website, you should read these 8 Home Page web designing tips before jumping into this directly.

  5. Massive Drop Down Navigation
    A lot of websites do use this navigation type. Most eCommerce stores, any sports websites or online newspapers use the drop down menu for getting more attention of their audience. When you use this menu option, you allow it to cover the whole dimension of the screen. You need to make a proper balance between the text, images, videos and some other extra options while working on this navigation type.

Massive Drop Down Navigation

Conclusively, we can say that every time it depends on the type of industry for which you need to design any website along with the budget of the project.

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