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Bootstrap 4 – List of Some New Features

Nov 16

Bootstrap 4 – List of Some New Features

We all are familiar with the word ‘Bootstrap’. It is the most well-known framework of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for developing responsive, mobile-first websites. It has various versions which are in use by web designers. Being the Web Design and Development Expert Company, in this article we are focusing on its latest version and that is Bootstrap 4. A lot of changes have been introduced with the release of this version. Have a look on some here –

  1. Sass over LESS
    Bootstrap developers were using LESS as their main CSS preprocessor till now. But in Bootstrap 4, LESS has been replaced with Sass. This is more popular among the frontend developers. It has a massive contributor base which is easier to use and gives more potentials. Here, we would also like to mention the name of Libsass Sass Complier which is written in C/C++. This has made Bootstrap 4 compiling things faster than before.


  2. Screen Size Based Grid Tier
    Till Bootstrap 3, there are 4 grid classes for columns. These 4 are –

      a) .col-xs-XX for mobile phones

      b) .col-sm-XX for tablets

      c) .col-md-XX for desktops

      d) .col-lg-XX for larger desktops

    Bootstrap 4 has come up with the 5th option to target even more small devices which are less than 480px viewport width. With the introduction of this new grid class, the naming system has been pushed upwards by one notch. This new class has been given the name of the previous smallest one.

  3. Relative CSS Units Introduction
    Supporting the Internet Explorer 8 would not be found in Bootstrap 4. The main reason for doing this is to get rid of irritating polyfills and converting to relative CSS units. In Bootstrap 4, use of REMs and EMs would be preferred as compared to the pixels.

  4. Bootstrap Cards
    The team of expert web developers has combined some previous elements of Bootstrap’s UI. This resulted in the introduction of a new interface named as Cards in Bootstrap 4. This would be a better replacement of the earlier wells, thumbnails and panels. But the elements like titles, headers and footer of wells, thumbnails and panels would keep continuing.

  5. New Reboot Module
    In Bootstrap 4, all generic CSS selectors and reset styles would be moved into a single and easy to use SCSS file. The previous normalize.css reset file would get replaced now. With this smarter move, the box-sizing CSS property would make every responsive layout more convenient.

    New Reboot Module - Bootstrap 4

Along with these changes, there are some other major introductions also. Follow us on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Google Plus for more regular updates.

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