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Oct 16

Basic PPC Campaigns Optimization Tips for the Beginners

If you have taken a deep dive into your Google AdWords account and still not able to figure out what you are missing for a great PPC Campaign then this blog is perfect for you. We, being the digital marketing experts, have seen so many beginners struggling for a better PPC performance. Hence, we have listed some basic optimization tips for a PPC Campaign that you should follow if you are new to this –

  1. Keyword Selection
    First of all, you must be clear about the product or the website for which you need to work. If you are clear with the requirements then you should start focusing on the targeted keywords. Every ad in each ad group should target the right & relevant keywords.

  2. Build-Out Negative Keyword Lists
    Don’t forget to add negative keywords for your campaign. For a better knowledge, negative keywords are the set of keywords for which you don’t want to show your Ads. Once you have added the negative keywords, it is recommended to set the match type to exact match here.

    Negative Keywords for PPC Campagins
  3. Decide the Ad rank
    Ad rank is always decided based on the bid quality score. The amount you are spending on each keyword should be smaller than your daily budget. For example, if your daily budget is INR 500 then you must select the keywords having bid rate less than this amount.

  4. Ad extension
    If you are running the campaign for a business that has various services then you can add Ad extension with your Ads. To add new extensions, click on the ‘View: Sitelink Extension’ & scroll down to New Sitelink button to fill out the necessary details. It is recommended to add 4-5 different sitelinks for every Ad.

  5. Callouts
    Adding relevant callouts make your Ads more clickable. You should decide the callouts based on your business or services. For example, if you are working for a business that provides free shipping all over the world then you can add ‘Free Shipping Worldwide’ as your callout.

After you are done with the implementation of these steps, your basic PPC campaign optimization is done. You can create different Ad groups with unique Ads this way.

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