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Oct 16

8 Helpful Home Page Web Designing Tips

Your website is the main medium of communication between you and your visitors. Therefore the success of your website depends on the Home page. The home page plays a vital role in the business growth. If your visitor likes your home page, they will also like to dive into your services or the products. On the other hand, if your website has a complicated or confusing home page without any helpful message for the first time visitors, you’ll have a high bounce rate and less business growth. Being the Software and Web Development expert, we are jotting down some helpful tips to follow while working on the home page for any website.

  1. Attractive and Meaningful Images
    When you visit any website, first of all, you get attracted towards the images. So, you should also use such images that can get user attraction. Along with getting the attraction, the images used should give the helpful messages regarding your services or products or some other related information. Always use high-resolution images with less loading time.

  2. Navigation of the website
    Usually, when people visit a website, they don’t like complicated flow to the internal pages. It means that the navigation flow of your website should be well reflected on the home page. If you’re providing any services then all the landing pages of your services should be well-highlighted in the top navigation as shown in the image.

  3. Call to action
    A definitive call to action is required for every home page. These call to actions make your visitors understand what you want them to do or where you want them to go on your website. For example, if you want them to sign up for your newsletter or fill any contact / feedback form, highlight it for proper user attraction. It is the duty of web designers to make all these calls to action highlighted enough.

  4. Contact Information
    Most often we see if people like your website then they also like to contact you for further communication. Hence your contact information should be placed at both, the header and footer of your home page for easy contact. This contact information must include your physical address (if any), reachable contact number either the Phone number or Mobile number, your existing email address, Skype id etc.

  5. Pop-up Messages
    If you don’t want your visitors to leave your website without sharing their contact details, apply some popup or embedded forms to your home page. You can contact them in future via this. It’ll remind them about you or can also get a lead in future.

  6. Special offers or discounts
    Everyone likes discounts or some special offers. If you are offering some great discounts to your visitors, so that should be highlighted on the home page. These offers can be shown in the form of banners or popup messages.

  7. Testimonials
    Your customer’s feedback regarding your services or company is the most important part of the home page. This will not only help your brand be more trustworthy for new clients but also will increase your business conversion rate. Don’t show all the testimonials on the home page. You can make a separate landing page for this if you have lots of client’s feedback.

  8. Separate Content Sections
    Showing all contents of your website without any division or separation can make your visitors confused. Try to give a clear vision to all the sections written text / videos / infographics by using contrasting colors, division lines etc.

Conclusion – Always remember that you get the best results only when you make the best efforts to get it.

Tips for Home Page Design

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