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Oct 16

6 Simple Steps to Protect Your Magento Website from Malware Attack

eCommerce websites have more chances to get malware attacks these days. There have been so many ways developed by hackers and attackers to get all the information of such online shopping websites. Therefore making your online portals more secure has become the main issue for every business. Every time, we can’t say that the attacker has attacked the website with some new method. There could be so many other reasons behind this. Being the eCommerce Web Development Expert, today we are writing down how you can make your online portal more secure in Magento.

Poor passwords, weak ownership, and frail permission settings lead to easy malware attacks. To make sure the highest level of security in the file system of your online website, follow these helpful tips and tricks –

1. First of all, you need to set up strong passwords. Make sure you change it at a regular interval of 90 days. Check your password lifetime settings as below –

     i) Magento 2.x: Stores > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Password Lifetime set to 90 days (default setting)
     ii) Magento 1.x: System > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Password Lifetime set to 90 days (default setting)

Magento Security Alert Registry

2. Always keep your system updated as per the latest trends. Never ignore the installation of latest updates and patches.

3. Subscribe to Magento Security alerts here

4. is the highly recommended service to scan your store at free of cost. You should use this on a monthly basis to check any malware attacks.

5. You should keep a track of all the Admin user accounts on a regular basis. If you see any unauthorized or unrecognized account, remove that immediately.

6. All those system file permissions which have not been set as per the Magento 1 and Magento 2 file permission guidelines are more acceptable to get attacked.

When you follow all these tips and tricks to make your site security stronger, your business won’t get any type of malware attacks. If it still gets attacked, you can reach out to your Solution Partner, web developer, or any security firm which can clean your site.

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