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5 Twitter Marketing Tips

Oct 16

5 Quick Twitter Marketing Tips to Increase Followers

Have a Twitter account but don’t have followers? Don’t worry! You might be missing some important marketing points which won’t remain as it is after reading this blog.

Twitter is one among the best social platforms used by almost everyone today. You can share your thoughts, ideas, blogs, jokes, videos, photos and much more on this. The main thing is that you don’t need to write much before posting anything. Twitter comes with a limit of maximum 140 characters or less. Whether you already have or about to create a new account on Twitter, here are 5 quick Marketing tips which will definitely increase your followers and traffic in an effective way.

1. Use of Hashtags

Twitter is all about using the relevant Hashtags in your tweets. There are so many tools available online which help you selecting the right keyword for your marketing plan. When you use industry specific Hashtags, it gives you more followers and outreach. But yes of course… over using these Hashtags may lead to the non-readability issue. So, be in limits!

Rules of the Hashtag

2. Keywords based Tweets

When you start marketing your business, the very first step you take is the keyword research. You select those keywords which you think will bring more positive results for your business as compared to others. Don’t forget to include these keywords in your tweets. This will add value to your Search Engine Optimization results. Additionally, it will increase your visibility and reach the target audience.

3. Insert Links

Most eCommerce websites want their traffic to get converted into the powerful customers. This would be possible only when the users reach to a specific product page to make the payment. It needs them to be provided with a direct link to your tweet. Also, including a link gives you more credibility and trust of the visitor.

Hashtag and Link in Tweet

4. Right Time to Tweet

Once you are done with the above-written tips and tricks, you also need to pay a close attention to your tweeting time. You should tweet at that time when most of your target audience is active.  Retweeting should also be done by you. This will make others retweet your content too.

5. Follow Industry specific profiles

To increase your followers and traffic from Twitter, you should follow the famous profiles of your business industry. This will make you get updated with the latest trends always. You would be able to create innovative content only when you are up to date.

If you follow these effective Twitter Marketing tips properly, you will surely get positive results. So, just stop wasting time in exploring more and more and start tweeting right now! In case you need to hire social media experts for your business, just send us the project details and requirements at We serve the best!

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