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Aug 16

5 Professional Website Designing Tips for Getting More User Attention

When we start working on website designing, we come across lots of common mistakes which can be seen easily with the work of new designers. So if you are planning to design any website or you are about to hire someone for professional web design services, here are some very basic design tactics to be followed for better engagement and usability.

  • 1. Make it as simple as possible
    When a visitor comes to your website, it should look as simple as it could be. Here being simple means more user-friendly. Some visitors can be less patient for the information they are looking for. So, if they don’t get the required data easily, it would result in them leaving the website within the fraction of seconds. Always keep the call to actions highlighted like Newsletter Subscription Form or any other type of form, if needed. Also, make your navigation so simple and going with the right flow.
  • 2. Using the right Header Tags
    HTML gives some header tags like h1, h2, h3 and so on. Various web designing agencies make sure they use these tags correctly while designing any type of website. These headers represent your content structure which in return helps the visitors to understand the flow better. You should understand this header hierarchy completely before using them. For example, h3 should not be used more than its parent header that is h2. (Image Courtesy – Marketingproguide)

Header Tags

  • 3. Good Looks
    The best website is the one which makes the visitors stop and think without letting them go anywhere. If your visitors are not getting an attractive site with the relevant content, there is no other chance to bring them back. Hence give a special attention to the looks of your website. Let’s take an example here – Don’t forget to add some extra space between the lines of text, apply border setting to your web pages so that the content don’t look too wide or become non-readable.
  • 4. Color Scheme
    When you are about to select the color for your website, you must keep basic color fundamentals in your mind. Therefore, before deciding the color, just read the below points –
  • i) Blue color is used for trustworthiness. So, in order to nurture user’s trust, try to use this color for your website. You can check out the most popular websites like Facebook, PayPal, HDFC Bank etc. for this.
  • ii) Green color reflects success and is more nature-friendly. It is also a good call to action color. We can easily see the examples for this like Submission, Add to Cart, View details etc.

Facebook Sign up

  • iii) The yellow color is used for warnings like traffic signals, wet floor. So you should avoid using this color for your website. Or you can use the same color without repeating it’s usage at more than one or two places.

Conclusively, it’s all about ‘design and test’ for checking out what works better. You can use tools like Adobe Color to make different color combinations that look great together.

  • 5. Simple to Share and Follow
    As we all know that Content is the king for a good website. Make sure your website allows visitors to easily share the content and keep following you in future. Choose wisely how to catch visitor’s attention for sharing and following you without making them leaving the website. You can hire a good web design and marketing company for this purpose. For example, don’t forget to add social channels sharing options in your blog section. This will not only bring the visitors back to your website but also make you popular on social media.

If you stick to these tips while working on new projects, you’ll be definitely moving well to your way to a great website design.

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