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Oct 16

5 Mobile SEO Practices to Follow for More Traffic

As of 2015, the mobile internet users were 52.7 percent as compared to desktop users. This percentage has been increased in 2016 and will keep growing more in coming years. The number of people using the internet on their mobile phones has already been expected to rise to 63.4 percent for 2017. Therefore, it has become essential for every business website to fully optimize their websites for easy mobile access. Being the Search Engine Optimization Expert, we would recommend making your websites Mobile-Friendly so that you don’t lose your mobile visitors which can be powerful customers too.

When we are saying optimizing your website for Mobile visitors, it means we want to target both types, Desktop and Mobile users. Rather than making one as your priority over another, it is beneficial to make your business website Mobile-Friendly for better SEO results. Hence, we are writing main points here that will help you working on Mobile SEO for any website –

1. Once you’re done with web design and development for any project, test it now for mobile compatibility. For this, you need to go for Mobile-Friendly Test in Google Search Console. Just don’t run it only for Homepage and get finished, repeat the same testing procedure for every web page of the website to check whether it is up to the Google Standards or not.

2. After you have finished the testing of the complete website, now you have the list of those WebPages which don’t fall into the properly optimized web page category. You need to rework on these pages. Share all the details related to this issue with your co-working team so that they can start working to fix these problems.

3. You might decide to develop a separate website for all the mobile users. But we recommend not taking this step. It’s better to go for the responsive website instead of having a separate website to tap your mobile audience for the same business.

4. Working on keyword list is also necessary at this stage. You need to target short keywords keeping mobile visitors in mind. Always remember that a lot of mobile users don’t spend too much time while typing long-tailed keywords.

5. You also need optimizing the already used signup form or any type of pop-ups for the mobile version of your website. If you don’t pay attention fixing this thing, their regular pop-up can make your visitors get irritated.

Contriverz - Mobile-Friendly Test Result

Last but not the least, every business wants to tap more and more visitors which can be turned into customers in future. So, don’t let your own or other’s website, for which you are working, in the condition of losing a large number of powerful visitors by not paying attention towards Mobile SEO practices.

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