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Top 5 Mobile Application Development Blogs

Sep 16

5 Mobile Application Development Blogs to be Followed by Developers

What do you think about a good blog… Let’s discuss it!

A good blog is the one that gives the reader complete information about the blog topic. No matter whether it is a general or a development blog, every writer should include the relevant content in the blog. If we talk about the design & development side of the current era like Software and Web Design, Web Development, Mobile Application Development and many other fields then we all need a little help & guidance at every stage. Hence, the role of the good blogs is vital.

As we all like to get helpful information every time so we are here with a list of top 5 Mobile Application Development blogs that all developers should follow. If you are a Mobile App Developer, you should keep yourself updated with the latest technology and try to spare sometime to read useful blogs to increase your knowledge. Read below to know which blogs you should follow for getting informational updates:

    1. Android Developers Blog
      We all know that every day more than 1 million new Android devices get activated in Mobile world. This large number of mobile devices is directly proportional to the requirement of having more Android Apps. So, the Android developers need to pay more attention towards this constraint. Hence, Android Developers Blog is the best platform for developers to look for the latest updates and techniques. Visit it here –

Android Developers Blog

    1. Windows Developer Blog
      This is the official blog written by many experts of Windows Development. It includes lots of useful posts and gets regular updates by all the team members. You must follow this blog to keep yourself updated with the latest Windows world. Have a look at this blog here –

    2. Coding Horror
      Don’t go by the name!!! Being the software developer, you must have heard about the book ‘Code Complete’. This blog is basically based on the image from that blog. It helps the developers with coding issues and let them feel relaxed while coding. Visit this blog here-

Coding Horror

  1. Mobile Tutsplus
    If you want to learn from the practical tutorials then you should follow and regularly visit this blog. Here you’ll get code-sample rich tutorials which will let you introduce yourself to the new coding world with a great experience. You can visit it here-

  2. VisionMobile
    A blog that understands the pressure of a developer’s mind completely! Get the latest knowledge of mobile world by following this blog here –

Apart from the above mentioned blogs, there are also so many other blogs which provide informational stuff for the mobile developers. You can follow them too as per your comfort.

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