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5 Search Engine Optimization Mistakes to be avoided

Jul 16

5 Essential SEO Steps That You Must Follow For Better Ranking

We all know that SEO is the quickly changing industry. What has worked or is working well till now, may not work as it is in coming days. Therefore, the search engine optimization experts need to stay updated about its time to time changes and developments. Well to understand it better, you should know the most common search engine optimization mistakes which others have made.

If you want your website not to face all those backsliding points, do a market analysis first to avoid these dreadful SEO mistakes. Else your site will get penalized by the next Google algorithm update. Being the search engine optimization experts, you must keep these top 5 points in your mind while doing SEO for any website:

  • 1. Selecting the right Target Audience
    Have you ever played or watched the game of Darts? In order to hit the board, you have to aim it. Similarly, apply that very simple logic here – Treat your business as Darts game. Defining and tapping the right target audience is your aim now.By defining a target audience doesn’t mean that you are excluding anyone here. Just remember that you are trying to approach & focus on people who will be interested in your products or services. Your audience selection factors can be interests, location, age, gender and much more based on your type of business. Therefore, it is always a good & successful idea to invest your time, money & energy in a right way.
  • 2. Picking up the Relevant Keywords
    After you are done with your audience selection, now is the time to move to the next step that is picking up the right and relevant keywords for your business. The more specific you are with your keywords to be used, better will the results in terms of sales and conversions. There are lots of keyword research tools available online. Here if you are waiting for my true opinion for the best free tool, then I would go with ‘Google Keyword Planner’.It gives you the detailed information related to your keywords in terms of average monthly searches, competition, bid and much more.

    Google Keyword Planner

    You can also use Google Trends if you are working on multiple keywords at a time to identify trends, patterns, and possible areas of improvement.

    Google Trends
  • 3. On-Page Optimization
    Moving towards the next main step, it is the time to focus on persuasive On-Page optimization of your website. Here what I mean by On-Page optimization is to make your site rich enough so that Google can add it to the top search results. You need to optimize your website fully and correctly by creating unique meta tags. One main point to keep in mind is that Google does not use the meta keywords tag in web ranking now.Now you’ll ask if Google doesn’t consider meta keyword tag then why to do keyword research. So, the answer to your question is the consideration of high-quality content. You need to add the industry relevant keywords in the content of your website so that Google can add it to the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).
  • 4. Social Visibility
    Give A Lot To Get A Lot! These days social media has become one of the best and most successful ways to promote your website or new content. But having only social media presence is not more than enough. A good digital media marketing company always suggest linking all your major social profiles to your website and vice versa for better results.

    Social Media Optimization

    Many times business owners have been seen hesitated to use social media channels. One main reason for not using social profiles is the lack of knowledge of the used platform. No need to be active in all social channels or to lose a lot of time. Just spend some time to identify which platform is best suited to your business and audience. After that, you just need to build authority and trust by following the influencers in your niche and sharing informative and useful content there.
  • 5. Internal Linking
    Last but not the least is to link your internal pages to boost the search rankings. When you are creating a lot of content on your website, then you must give a proper visibility. Link each web page and blog post to one another. If you don’t do so, you are wasting a lot of your content. Plus, it’s the wastage of the quality time which you have spent in generating that content.The main benefit of internal linking is to reduce the bounce rate by encouraging the users to spend more time on your website. It also gives you a great chance to show your older content to the new visitors. Try to link your content to the relevant landing page of your website so that it results in more user-engagement.

For sure the above list is not 100% complete. Still, there are a lot of other SEO mistakes which can be missed by the experienced persons too, but in my point of view, all the above-mentioned points are the major ones. Hence, when you will work on these basic mistakes these mistakes, you will start seeing lots of positive results in terms of traffic and sale conversions.

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