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5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Facebook Post

Nov 16

5 Effective Ways to Improve Your Facebook Post

With the regular changes to Facebook’s news feed algorithm, are you noticing a drop in your post reach or post engagement? If you discover a gradual decrease in your Facebook results, you are definitely missing something important. We, being the Digital Marketing Expert, are writing 6 tips that will help you improving your Facebook post quality.

  1. Create an effective post plan
    We have seen a lot of time that many businesses do their Facebook posting without an effective work plan. It not only makes their posts don’t reach to the target point but also decreases the post engagement. It is always better drawing a road map before you start your journey. Therefore, a result-oriented plan in terms of topics to be covered, content and specific dates of the posts etc. should be made by the marketing team every time they start posting on Facebook or any other social channel.

  2. Type of Post Analysis
    Facebook gives you the opportunity to post four types of content – links, images, videos and text updates. Various Social Media Experts have analyzed and stated that video content gets more engagement in comparison to other post types. Before making your post type selection, it is necessary to analyze your Facebook insights for all posts types. Based on this analysis and type of your business industry, now you should start creating new post content. If your main aim is to drive traffic to your website then go with mainly blogs and links sharing. On the other hand, if you want to build your brand and increase your sales, you should target images and videos more.

    Type of Post Insights

  3. Attention Grabbing Content
    People like short and crisp content that don’t take their much time to make them understand the main point. Your post content should grab user’s attention with 3-4 starting words. These words should be related to an evergreen content in return. Your users should be forced to like, share and comment after reading it. More people engaging with your content on Facebook, more will be the lifespan of your posts.

  4. Post at Right Time
    Your posting time should be analyzed from your Facebook insights well. You should your posting at the times when most of your audience comes online. People don’t go for deep scrolling of their news feed. Hence, your posts should be visible to your visitors at the right time. Generally, the best time to post o Facebook is 3 PM. But don’t get stuck to this time. Start using insights carefully for time selection.

  5. Customized Facebook Post Descriptions
    As mentioned above that people like less time-consuming posts more. When you share any link in your post on Facebook, it automatically fetches the metadata. Don’t always go with this metadata description. This can be easily edited. Try to write some eye-catching content here so that it creates more engagement. You can also use your target keywords based content instead of using the metadata of the link.

    Customized Post Description

Social media is all about experimenting a lot with your basic work strategy. If you are looking for the social media experts for your business or projects, don’t wait too long. Contact us today only by sending us an email at We would love to serve you the best.

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