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5 best practices to get more readers for your WordPress Blog

Oct 16

5 Best Practices to Get More Traffic for Your WordPress Blog

Today we all see so many bloggers writing useful blogs to get more visibility. They regularly update their blogs not just to catch the user attention but to make people aware too. It takes a lot of time and energy for writing an informative blog post. Even after this big input from your end if you don’t get sufficient traffic on your blog, it could make you depressed sometimes. Building a blog could be somehow easy but getting traffic on it could be a challenging task.

Therefore being the Digital Marketing Expert, we want to let you know some helpful tips which will make your blog getting relevant traffic. Enjoy reading with us –

1. Catchy Headlines

People often get attracted towards something that just catches their attention in a single look. If you are spending a lot of time on researching and getting latest data to include in your blog post, you should give a sizzling title to your post then. Don’t give your audience even a single chance to not to click on it. Try to include catchy words like tips and tricks, best, helpful etc. in your title to make it more relevant.

2. Use of Toolbar

As we have already mentioned that there are more chances of getting traffic when you give an attractive headline to your content so the second main point is to make your blog post look nicer. Try to use various options for this. The use of right font style and size is must here. You can play around with toolbar toggle efficiently which will make your post looking nice for the readers.

WordPress Blog Toolbar

3. Social Connectivity

We all love to share good things on our social channels. When your visitors don’t see the option of sharing your blog posts to various social platforms, they feel sad at that point. Don’t do this to your blog visitors. Always allow your audience sharing your blog post socially so that you get extra benefits out of it in terms of visibility. Try to add ‘click to tweet’, ‘share on fan page’ or ‘share in a group’, ‘pin it’ etc. so that users can share your blog posts effortlessly.

4. Attractive Images

Appealing images attract people more as compared to text. Your post would look so dull and boring if you don’t use images with it. Nowadays infographics are so popular. You should add nice and relevant images with your content. When you use photos designed by professional web designers along with your blog post, it makes your page more engaging too. If you are writing some data driven post, try to use statistical images with proper representation.

Social Media Buttons

5. Interlinking or Deep Linking

When a blog makes your visitors going to other web pages of your website, it adds additional value then in terms of traffic and page views. Don’t forget to include links to other web pages in your post. But yes of course… don’t overuse this thing. It can make your post look spammy or make your visitors distracted.

These tactics of getting more traffic to blog page are easy to use. Once you optimize your blog posts according to these tips, you will surely see best results shortly.

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