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Tips for Successful Local PPC

Nov 16

4 Tips for Successful Local Business PPC Campaigns

No one likes to lose anything in their lives. We all want more audience and sales for our businesses. Often we see so many business owners keeping their businesses away from the local marketing. The reason for this is they want to target wider audience rather than tapping only the local ones. But if you’re in a business of any restaurant, retail store etc. then local paid marketing is more beneficial. Being the Digital Marketing Expert, we are writing this article just to make our readers aware of Local PPC.

For making it clearer, let’s dig into an example. If you are running a clothing store in a particular area, then your target would be the people of that area only along with some very closer areas from where people can easily visit you. There is no need to waste your money for advertising your store in the whole world then. This is the main benefit of choosing Local PPC. Read below written tips you need to follow when you are doing Local Marketing of your business.

  1. Customization
    When you start with a Local PPC campaign, everything needs to be so particular so that no wastage of money and time happens. Hence, your ad campaign should be totally customized for your local audience only. You should target the audience on the basis of age, gender, area, interests and much more. Once again, no need to tap the people who are beyond your local reach. If you target them, then you are just shooting in the air.

  2. Long Tailed Keywords
    The keywords which have more than 3+ phrases should be your targeted keywords for your local PPC campaign. These keywords get more attention when people search something with mentioning the specific location. Try to filter out the keywords which can grab more attention of your audience.

    Long Tailed Keywords

    For example – If you are searching for Web Design and Development Company in Chandigarh, then Contriverz would show up in the search results. These types of keywords give you filtered and very genuine audience which can be hopefully converted into sales.

  3. Negative Keywords
    Negative keywords are necessary for any ad campaign. If you were not considering them till now, start paying attention on this from now onwards. They make your ad campaigns don’t show up for the keywords you select. These keywords are the list of keywords which could be related to the search term but are not directly or indirectly related to your business. Hence, they would never be fruitful for you.

    Negative Keywords Campaign Adgroup
  4. Location and Call Extensions
    One of the main points of Local PPC world is the Location and Call Extensions. When you go for this, it lets you add NAP (Name, Address and Phone Number) with your business ad. You can also add some additional information such as working hours with the help of these extensions. When a user sees your ad having the location and call extensions on, they can see your exact location with the help of the map. Also, they can call you on your specified business number. You just need to update your Google My Business details accurately for this.

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