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Search Engine Optimization Trends for 2017

Sep 16

4 SEO Trends to Keep in Mind by the Experts in 2017

SEO has become much more rather than just doing the on-page and off-page optimization, link building, and other obsolete practices now. If we talk about the future of SEO, we would see a big changing curve in it. It is now a bigger term that focuses mainly on the content strategy of every website. Brand building and influential search terms attract more traffic for your website along with the high conversion rate.

We, being the Search Engine Optimisation Experts, need to understand the fact that the old link building, keyword stuffing, and other off-page activities will not make us rank higher in the search results. A lot of changes have been seen for the SEO trends since last 2-3 years and are still keep changing. Here are the four main SEO trends that would get major attention by the search engines in coming years –

  1. RankBrain
    In 2015 Google confirmed that RankBrain was the third most essential factor in the ranking algorithm together with links and content. As per Gary Illeys, Webmaster Trends Analyst, and Andrey Lipattsev of Google, RankBrain only helps the algorithm understand the search term better so that much more relevant page content can show up in the search results. Hence, we can say that it is involved in every query and have an effect on the definite rankings.

  2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)
    Today our world has been totally transformed by the Smartphones and Tablets. We spend more time accessing everything on our phone devices like reading books, news, shopping, booking etc. Therefore to make this experience more precise in terms of search results, Google introduced a new open source initiative Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2015. The main aim of introducing AMP was to give a better performance of the mobile web which resulted in a positive way from a layman perspective.

    Accelerated Mobile Pages to appear in Google SERPs
  3. Knowledge Graph
    Introduced in 2012 by Google, the Knowledge Graph was added to display the detailed and structured information about the search term rather than showing up the list of other sites links. Every time a search term is entered into the search engine, various types of results come up for it. Hence, the Knowledge Graph would be a better knowledge base for Google to filter out the most relevant ones.

  4. Real-time Penguin Update
    Finally, Google has updated Penguin 4.0 a few days back. This update is integrated into the search results to filter the spammy content. Penguin 4.0 is the real-time signal processed with the search algorithm so that every time data on the web pages get re-crawled and re-indexed. A separate blog has been published on Contriverz on this Penguin update by Google to make readers understand better. Therefore, spam free results would be seen for every search term now onwards.

    Penguin 4-0 Update

In the end, we can just say that Google will now pay more attention to machine learning, understanding of semantics, connections and patterns and a better user experience.

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