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Software or Application not working

Oct 16

4 Reasons Why Your Software or Mobile Application don’t Work Well

Many times we see things not working out like the way they should be. The main reason for this can be our view point. We, being the web service provider for more than 3 years, have seen so many people fighting for their code to run well. But they can’t detect the main bug in their developed software or mobile application for so many reasons. Therefore today we are disclosing tops reasons that most of us face while detecting any bug –

  1. Lack of Planning
    A well-structured plan always gives better results. So, before you start working on any project’s testing work, you should maintain a proper flow of work and strategies that you are going to follow for this. You need to understand the work breakdown structure and then start proceeding with a formatted plan.

  2. Communication gap in your team
    You should always keep one thing in your mind that the teamwork is the only key to success. You need to collaborate and work in real time to get better results. All the team members whether they are the developers, designers, testers, marketers, or managers should communicate with each other to exchange their work ideas.

    Time Management for a Project

  3. Improbable Timeframes
    You being the manager of any company or project should take care about the developing, designing, and testing timings for every project. Mostly testers don’t get sufficient time to check the bugs or errors of the software or application. Also last moment changes happen a lot of time which results in unrealistic timeframes for the testers to process their work. Hence, the proper deadlines should be made for everyone working on the same project.

  4. Lack of Interest
    For making your software or application work better, you have to be on the same page with your clients. You should have a keen interest in your projects. Only after that, you will be able to bring out the required results. If you are a web development expert or a manager, you should have a concern about your project deliveries.

At the end, we can say that it’s the duty of every team member to understand their work efforts to make things work like they should do. Rather than just completing their individual work, they should learn the team-spirit. If you do have some points for this blog, please share them with us in comments.

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