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Aug 16

4 Mobile Application Development Trends to Look Out For in 2017

Today there is no area in our life which has not been changed by Mobile Phones. Whether it is about shopping, ordering food, hiring a cab or anything else, you are totally dependent on your Smartphone. High quality and user-friendly Mobile Applications have made things so easy to process just with a single click. Therefore, with this advancement in technology, we need to keep ourselves updated every time. For our potential readers and Mobile users, we have brought some Mobile Application Development Trends which will be highly used in 2017 & onwards.

    1. Wearables
      With the launch of Apple watch in 2014, the market of wearables has come up so fast. It has already recorded a growth of approximate 700% till now. On the other hand, for the coming days, experts don’t want to be limited to making mobile apps accessible on different screens only. Hence, the Mobile App Developers now get more opportunity to come up with the up-to-date solutions for all the problems which can’t be resolved in other ways.


  1. Cloud Technology
    Mobile App Development sector has moved towards a positive increase with the booming Cloud Technology. As we can see the usage of Mobile Phones easily in our day to day life so the developers are focusing more on the apps for every zone like Food, Medical, Shopping, Banking etc. Despite all this, Cloud Technology is making it possible for App developers to go easy with faster development processes. This is resulting in the increase of Mobile Application Development Services and their knowledge with a quick advancement in every field.

  2. M-Commerce
    A rapid increase in the field of eCommerce has directly resulted in the growth of M-commerce. Today, we can easily see the increased usage of Mobile Apps for every purpose like Online Shopping, Transferring Money or Net banking etc. A recent study has reported that 40% of the commercial sales happen via Smartphone through Mobile apps. Business Experts have stated that this trend will keep moving on with a fast pace.

  3. IoT (Internet of Things)
    With a fast increase in the cloud technology, Internet of Things has also become so popular for the developers these days. No doubt, it is in the starting phase but is getting an unexpected growth and demand with the latest technology. Various IoT trends are still under study. Therefore, we can say that it will change every part of our day to day life.

    Internet of Things (IoT)

There are some other points also which will result in the increase of Mobile App Development like promoting & purchasing via apps. In the coming years, various industries like manufacturing, gaming, shopping etc. will be totally based on Mobile Applications. As a result to this, lots of evolving trends will come up in future!

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