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Tips to Engage with Your Email Subscribers

Nov 16

4 Effective Tips to Engage with Your Email Subscribers

You might have a long list of email subscribers. But have you ever analyzed this entire list? There can be so many email subscribers who even don’t open your emails. This is the list of those subscribers who are adding dead weight to your list. The email service provider (ESP) charges you on the basis of number of email addresses you have and the number of emails you shoot out. In this case, if you’re sending your emails to these dead subscribers then you are just wasting your money. No need to do this longer! Being the Email Marketing Expert, we don’t suggest sending your informative and sales oriented newsletters to such a non-engaging audience. Therefore, we are sharing some useful tips that would help you engaging with your audience more –

  1. Slice Out Non-Responders
    Whenever you broadcast an email to your subscribers, there could be so many people who won’t even click on it to open. Hence, the first step is to filter out such email addresses from the entire list. They are basically the non-responders who might not be interested in your emails or might be the dead email addresses.

  2. Good Time to Message
    The second prime tip for better engagement on your emails is to select the right time of sending them. You should get into the shoes of your subscribers for this. Try to analyze the type, age, gender, interests and much more about your subscribers. On the basis of this analysis, you should figure out the right moment when they would get free time clicking on your emails.

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  3. Better Design
    We click on the things which strike our eyes the most. Understand this basic human-nature. When an expert web designer is creating the newsletter for you, he should include beautiful and eye-catching images, videos, infographics etc. in this. Your well-designed emailer should include the images which can be easily loaded even on mobile phones.

  4. Personalization
    Once you are ready with the filtered list of your subscribers, it is the time to think about the content of your newsletter. The email you are about to send should make every subscriber feel personalized. We feel good when we receive an email mentioning specially our name. This could also make them re-engaging after sometime.

  5. High-Quality Content
    Generally, people hate receiving emails which don’t have informative content. They mark it spam or unsubscribe from the sender’s list. Don’t let your audience do the same with you. Hire a professional content writer who can write impressive text for your emailers. This would force your subscribers clicking on your newsletter.

Every time the marketers send a new email to their list of subscribers, the report should be wisely evaluated after sometime.

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