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Sep 16

3 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email marketing does a great job in terms of ROI if it is properly executed. Whether you are a beginner or a Search Engine Optimisation Expert, there is always something new to learn. Therefore, to make sure that your every email marketing campaign will perform well, you should avoid the next three simple mistakes.

  1. Trusting only on A/B Test

  2. Not Paying Attention to Soft Bounce and Hard Bounce Rate

  3. Non-Interactive Subject Line

Here’s how to work on these points:

Trusting only on A/B Test

  • i) First of all, do understand your customer behavior properly. Don’t just rely on A/B Testing for a better email campaign.
  • ii) Use a large data set if you really want to see a big change in your conversion rate.
  • iii) Keep an eye on the open and click rates of your data.
Email Marketing A/B Testing

Soft and Hard bounce

  • i) Not every email id is 100% valid so there will be chances of getting higher soft and hard bounce rates.
  • ii) Soft Bounce – A temporary problem with email deliverability that can be due to an unavailable server or full inbox.
  • iii) Hard Bounce – A permanent failure to deliver an email, usually as a result of the email address being non-existent, invalid, or blocked.
  • iv) If there is a hard bounce then either email service provider or the marketing automation system takes care of this issue.
  • v) For soft bounce, you need to create an automated campaign that will remove all invalid email addresses from your entire mailing list.
  • vi) Lower the soft bounce and hard bounce rate, higher will be open rates for any email campaign.

Tips to decrease Email Bounce Rate

Non-Interactive Subject Line

  • i) Subject-line gives users a reason to open the email. Hence, try to make it personal.
  • ii) Ensure that the subject lines of your email campaigns are always Mobile-Friendly.
  • iii) Either ask a question or use numbers to represent your email. Don’t over advertise via your subject-line.
  • iv) Do follow the character limit rule while writing the heading for your email.

Conclusion – Don’t just send out your emails to the entire list. Think before you broadcast it. Decide whether you want to send the email to all or you need to do segmentation of the list.

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