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Free Starter WordPress Themes for beginners

Oct 16

3 Best Starter WordPress Themes for Beginners at Free of Cost

If you are new to WordPress development, you should have an idea of its pros and cons along with its free and paid themes or plugins. While working on any WordPress website, every developer needs to start with a theme selection. This theme selection depends on the type of business for which you are going to create the website. WordPress themes are one among the best features of this platform which have been provided for developers.

Being a WordPress Development expert, you can easily change the theme later on for any website just in few seconds. This is very user-friendly and easy to learn platform where free and paid both types of themes are available. Coding and designing for any website using WordPress are so easy. You just need to have a good command over the HTML, CSS, and basics of PHP before starting any WordPress website. Today we have brought 3 best WordPress themes for new developers which can be used free of cost –

  1. Roots Sage
    As per our point of view, this is one of the best starter and easy-to-use free themes available in WordPress. Currently managed by a group of people at GitHub, this theme provides a modern front-end development workflow. It comes with HTML5, Grunt, Twitter Bootstrap, and Boilerplate for easy development. You can easily choose your preferred framework while working with this theme. Check it here>

    Roots Sage WordPress Development Theme
  2. Underscores
    One more among the free starter themes of WordPress! Underscores was brought to the existence of GitHub by few fine folks of WordPress world. This theme lets developers work with well-commented, modern HTML5 templates, helpful 404 template, custom header implementation and template tags. You can also use two sample CSS layouts and starter CSS in style.CSS which will give easy designing options. Click here to enter the zone of this theme –

    Underscores WordPress Development Theme
  3. Bones
    This is the mobile-first starter theme of WordPress for rapid and sophisticated development. If you need to create a responsive website then this theme can be your first preference. Bones is not a framework. While working for any project using this theme, you can keep what you really want and remove the rest. It comes loaded with Saas and HTML5 boilerplate that will speed up your development time. You can customize the post-types and admin area with the help of this theme. You can check this theme here –

    Bones WordPress Development Theme

If you have totally understood the above-written themes, you would also like to read why to choose WordPress CMS as Website Development. Enjoy reading with us!

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