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10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Any Joomla Site

Nov 16

10 SEO Tips and Tricks for Any Joomla Site

The websites which use Joomla as the Content Management System are considered to be one of the powerful sites. As Joomla is one of the best open source solutions which is freely and easily available for every web developer, it is also preferred due to some other aspects likes ease-of-use and extensibility. When you create any new website, you need to optimize it properly for ranking it higher in SERPs. Being the Search Engine Optimization Expert, we are explaining some helpful SEO tips and tricks for any Joomla Website. Read them here –

  1. Never install any sample data when you create any Joomla site. Many web developers forget to delete the demo articles when they set up the Joomla site which in return adds irrelevant links and news feeds to their pages and topics. Deleting such data followed by emptying your trash is important.

  1. Give your site name as your new Joomla site name. If you don’t do this, whenever someone will get registered on your website, they will get an email notification with some unknown keywords or names.

  2. Most of the times, we see PDFs ranking higher than the original Joomla Site. Your visitor can’t visit back to your website from these PDFs that make you losing the relevant website traffic. Hence, you should turn off these PDF links.

  3. Don’t flood your web pages with lots of social sharing links. People like social bookmarking links free websites more. Add such links only to those web pages which you think will do the best on social media.

  4. You need to resolve the canonical issue of your Joomla website. While doing the Website design and development using Joomla software, redirect the www and non-www version of your website to the same link.

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  1. The websites which are smaller in size and take lesser time while loading appears to be in higher ranking. So, it is always beneficial to turn on your website’s cache for Global Configuration.

  2. A properly managed website always results better in comparison to others. Don’t let your web pages not having any description or categorization. If your website is fully managed then it improves the Page Rank of your website.

  3. Try to add only the valuable web pages to get indexed in Google and other search engines. Don’t include those pages which are worthless. Check whether your website is putting garbage on Google by typing site:

  4. You need to empty the global configuration metadata of your Joomla website.

  5. Joomla Content Management System is amazing software to create any website and to manage your data. You just need to be confident and open your mind for regular updates.

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