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Tips for Good Blog Design

Sep 16

10 Dos & Don’ts for a Good Blog Design

Want to get traffic for your new or existing blog? We are glad to help you getting that user traffic with our useful tips and tricks. Read this article with full concentration to know about all Dos and Don’ts that should be kept in mind for a good blog design. These tips will not only upgrade your online reputation but also boost up your blog traffic.

  1. Mobile Responsive Web Design
    We all are well aware of the importance of Mobile Phones in our day to day life. So, don’t forget to make your site mobile responsive. Remember, people access the internet more on their phones as compare to desktops these days.

  2. First Impression is the last impression
    When a user is coming to your blog, he should immediately get an idea what your blog is all about. A clear author bio, blog description, tagline or some related information should be there to communicate with the visitor.

    Example - Kissmetrics Blog
  3. Proper spacing
    White space in your blog makes user feel good while reading it. Therefore, allow your site breathe well with proper usage of whitespace.

  4. Don’t over-use the plugins
    No doubt; a good blog must have various plugins installed within it. But sometimes, their use can leave a negative impact on visitors. Don’t make the mistake of cluttering your sidebars with lots of plugins/gadgets/widgets. It can also slow down your site.

  5. Minimal Header Height
    A big header image will make user scrolling down more which can make them leave without focusing on your blog. So, a minimal use of header image is a better option.

  6. Clear Navigation Flow
    If a user is on your homepage and it is not clearly shown where else he can land, it will result in him leaving from your blog. Give a clear navigation at top/bottom/left or right side to make users stick around a while. You can use a clickable drop-down menu for showing your navigation flow.

  7. Avoid autoplay music / videos / ads
    As a human being, we don’t like things that happen to us without our permission. Similar is the case with an autoplay of music/video/ads while reading the blog. Don’t make your visitors feel irritated with this.

  8. Use ‘contact us’ form / button at the end
    Blogging is one of the essential social media activities which a good web and marketing company suggests. A clear use of ‘contact us’ form or button in your blog will be helpful to visitors who want to ask anything.

    Example of blog
  9. Theme and color scheme of your blog
    Mostly, all the blogging websites allow you to customize the theme and background of your blog. Make this choice based on your related industry. The color scheme of the blog should give the user a pleasant feel while spending time on your site. Work a lot on it!!!

  10. Revise your blog from reader’s point of view
    When you are done with your site design and development, revise it once again to overcome all shortcomings. You have worked on this site so definitely, you will like this. But you need to do a thorough revision from visitor’s point of view.

If you follow these guidelines for while designing your blog, it will surely work towards better results.

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